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“Done for You” podcast packages, designed to remove the stress and hard work from podcasting. Offering comprehensive support for podcast editing, management, and production, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

This is for the coach who...

Has big goals for their business and want to make an impact by launching a podcast.

Understands the value of podcasting and are eager to reach a new audience and spread their message even further.

Is ready to boost traffic to their offers or establish authority in the coaching world.

Sees podcasting as the next logical step in their business and are ready to take that leap.

Maybe already has a podcast and is prepared to save time and energy by getting support.

Does it sound like YOU?

You’re geared up to make a splash in the podcasting world and launch your own show, but you’re lacking the time, energy, and know-how to get started.

Alternatively, you might have the planning and creation process down, but the idea of editing each episode is a major turn-off. Not to mention the struggle to find ample time to handle all the editing.

Perhaps you’ve been running your podcast for a while, but the demands on your schedule make it tough to keep producing new episodes. You’re at a point where some assistance would be a welcome relief.

If you have an older podcast that’s been on the back burner, you’re all set to revive it. You just want to hit the record button and have the rest taken care of seamlessly.

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Need support editing your podcasts? Here’s how I can help…

£550 PM


The admin and organisation of your podcast taken care of. Tasks could include:

£35 P/H


One-stop shop for everything- edit and manage



FROM £825 PM

Podcast launch

Your whole podcast launch done for you! Launch your podcast with ease!


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